Headline Roundup: Debunking COVID-19 Myths and Financial Impact of the Pandemic

Ruthanne Sudderth

MLive, MiBiz and Bridge Magazine published stories the week of July 27 that featured quotes from MHA representatives addressing aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MLive published a story July 29 that reviewed a list of popular COVID-19 myths and truths to help Michiganders decipher the information overload. Ruthanne Sudderth, senior vice president, public affairs & communications, is quoted in the article addressing the myth that hospitals receive extra money for claiming COVID-19 deaths.

“You don’t get paid when someone dies. You get paid for caring for somebody,” said Sudderth. “What hospitals receive in payment from the federal government, the CARES Act funding, the state funding – that is for caring for COVID patients. It is not related to the number of deaths.”

The release of the COVID-19 Impact Report, Michigan’s Front Line of Defense, was covered July 30 by MiBiz and Bridge Magazine.

“When COVID-19 arrived in Michigan, hospitals became the front line of defense against the highly contagious and dangerous disease,” MHA CEO Brian Peters said in a statement published by MiBiz. “As this report demonstrates, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic has come at a steep price. Now more than ever, support is needed for the hospitals and health care providers that have been serving on the front lines of the pandemic.”