FEMA Public Assistance Grant Agreements Updated, Applicant Trainings Planned

Hospitals and other organizations that have applied for Public Assistance (PA) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will need to obtain updated grant agreements that reflect 100% federal reimbursement, updated from the previous agreements indicating 75% federal reimbursement and 25% local cost share. The Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division is updating grant agreements for current grantees and will distribute final agreements as soon as possible. The division is currently experiencing a high volume of applicants due to the Wayne County floods and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Any hospital that is seeking FEMA PA and has not attended a training is encouraged to join one of the upcoming trainings outlined on the state’s website. Any potential PA applicant must register at the FEMA Grants Portal and attend a virtual applicant training to be eligible for FEMA PA funds. The first round of PA applicant trainings was held in May 2020, and those who attended one of those sessions have satisfied their training requirement. However, some information may have been updated and hospitals may benefit from attending an upcoming training.

Members with questions should contact Renée Smiddy at the MHA.