Community Benefits Survey Will Not Be Conducted for Fiscal Year 2019 Data

Community Benefits Tracker

Due to the extraordinary challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the MHA will not collect data through the fiscal year (FY) 2019 Community Benefits Survey. The association feels that conducting the survey would create an unnecessary burden for its member hospitals during a time when many of them are overwhelmed with COVID-19 reporting requirements. Data from FY 2020 will be collected in summer 2021.

Community Benefits TrackerAs hospitals prepare the IRS 990 Schedule H, the MHA has an affordable option to make community benefit data collection easier. Community Benefits Tracker has been redesigned to take the hassle out of data collection by keeping everything together in one easy-to-use platform. A more customized solution is also available through Community Benefits Tracker Advantage.

There are several reasons subscribing hospitals find Community Benefits Tracker Advantage valuable for community benefit data collection.

  • Custom forms allow organizations to create a form that is specific to their data collection needs. Once created, this form can be sent to any individual, who can then submit event information into Community Benefits Tracker without logging in to the application.
  • Trending reports facilitate easy comparison of multiple years of data, making clear where the organization is meeting expectations with community benefit activities and allowing analysis of unmet community outreach needs.
  • Unlimited custom fields can be created for all events to capture the information that is specific for the organization’s community benefit reporting needs.

It is important that community and state leaders understand and appreciate the local impact of hospitals beyond caring for the injured and sick. Although the association is not conducting the survey for 2019, the MHA remains available to support members’ community benefit reporting needs. For more information, visit the Community Benefits Tracker website or contact the Community Benefits Tracker team at the MHA.