Bridge: Michigan hospitals turn to $15 minimum wage to fill job openings

MHA CEO Brian Peters

Bridge published a story Oct. 26 on wage increases that hospitals are providing to entry-level and low-wage workers.

The story reviews wage increases recently announced by MHA members Henry Ford Health System, Trinity Health and Spectrum Health.

Interviewed for the story was MHA CEO Brian Peters, who provided information on the healthcare labor market in Michigan and challenges facing hospitals and their staff, including COVID-19 and food insecurity.

“Even those that work in hospitals are not immune from food insecurity,” said Peters. “We have hospital workers in some instances who don’t necessarily know where their food is going to come from for their family dinner table tomorrow. Some of our health care leaders are very cognizant of that and [want] to make sure they have a living wage that they are able to alleviate that concern as much as possible.”

The MHA’s COVID-19 Impact Report and the Michigan Harvest Gathering also appear in the story.

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