2023 Ludwig Nominee: Bronson Task Force Addressing Racial Bias in Maternal and Infant Care

Since 1990, the MHA has honored member healthcare organizations working to enrich the overall welfare of their local communities through the Ludwig Community Benefit Award. This year, the MHA is excited to showcase all award nominees, highlighting the exceptional and creative work being accomplished by Michigan’s hospitals.

African American women patient at bronson, smiling with newborn twins.
“As I look back on my time at Bronson, I am so thankful for everyone and all they did to make sure my babies were good and healthy.” Simone, a patient at Bronson, delivered twins at 22 weeks.

Bronson Healthcare Group, a 2023 nominee, is advancing the health of communities through a taskforce focused on addressing racial and ethnic disparities in maternal and infant care.

Through an in-depth analysis, Bronson teams found significant gaps existed for pain management among black laboring patients in comparison to other ethnic and racial groups. In response to this, the multidisciplinary Racial Bias in Pain Management Task Force began its efforts by analyzing provider practices, system policies and patient satisfaction to identify the appropriate interventions needed for delivering equitable pain management to all laboring patients.

There are a variety of reasons women of color, including Black women, are at an increased risk of poor maternal health – often due to social determinants. Since its inception, the Bronson task force has been intentional about addressing these inequities by collaborating with community partners, engaging stakeholders and developing educational tools for both patients and clinicians.

As their work continues, the goal is to deliver more equitable care while ensuring every patient feels empowered to advocate for themselves with resources and support for pain management in both the prenatal and postnatal care setting.

Members with questions about the program or the Ludwig Community Benefit Award should contact Erica Leyko at the MHA.