Engagement Opportunities

Ongoing and Emerging Programs

The MHA Keystone Center is committed to meeting both the ongoing and emerging needs of its members, offering a variety of innovative and effective programs. Some programs allow members to join at any time, others have dedicated enrollment periods. Both types are listed below.

Emerging Programs

There are no additional enrollment opportunities at this time. Please contact the MHA Keystone Center with inquiries.

In addition to ongoing and emerging programs, MHA Keystone Center members are encouraged to visit the MHA Member Portal to view a listing of all upcoming events.

Ongoing Programs

MHA Workplace Safety Collaborative: Members may join at any time by submitting data in KeyMetrics and requesting to join the MHA Workplace Safety Community site by contacting the MHA Keystone Center. Additionally, MHA Workplace Safety Collaborative events are available to all MHA-members.

Michigan Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (MI AIM): All Michigan birthing hospitals are welcome to participate in MI AIM by submitting data in KeyMetrics.

Monthly MI AIM Webinar calls help keep individuals up to date about current activities of MI AIM. You may join these calls using the information on the MI AIM homepage under MI AIM Webinar Schedule.

Future participants are encouraged to review the MI AIM Website to learn more about how hospitals can positively impact maternal health outcomes.

Contact MI AIM to schedule an introductory meeting today!