MHA Keystone Center Events

Learn and Collaborate at MHA Keystone Center Events

The MHA Keystone Center brings together hospitals and state and national patient safety experts for various events throughout the year. The workshops, meetings and training events share evidence-based, best practices to improve patient safety and reduce healthcare costs in Michigan and beyond.

Join healthcare professionals from across the state at upcoming MHA Keystone Center events. For a complete list of upcoming MHA events, visit the MHA Member Portal.

The MHA Keystone Center partnered with the Michigan Public Health InstituteMichigan State University’s Institute for Health Policy and the Michigan Health Endowment Fund to host the Michigan Health Equity Summit.

Members attended the summit in person and virtually Nov. 3, 2022 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The summit provided an update on state healthcare disparity data, explored how Michigan hospitals can continue to expand upon their work in eliminating disparities and highlighted the work select hospitals are doing to advance health equity for all Michiganders.

Members with questions may contact the MHA Keystone Center.