AbilitiCBT by LifeWorks

Virtual Mental Health Therapy for your Employees

AbilitiCBT by LifeWorks is an innovative, internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) solution, guided by professional therapists, and delivered through a secure, digital platform that’s accessible through any device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

AbilitiCBT by LifeWorks combines the benefits of in-person therapy with the convenience of virtual access. It offers a wide array of online resources, providing effective mental health support to people dealing with a variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, insomnia, and grief and loss.

Effective care is just a click away. AbilitiCBT by LifeWorks can help.

AbilitiCBT by LifeWorks Stories

We believe mental health support should be accessible to everyone. AbilitiCBT can make a positive impact in people’s lives when they need it the most.

“Anxiety presents itself in uncomfortable ways and can be triggered by the uncertainty of these unprecedented times. I’m so thankful for AbilitiCBT as it’s helped me manage my anxiety.”

“I’m very glad that I signed up … the therapist assigned to me is wonderful, and I’m learning a lot from the program. I do recommend to anyone dealing with anxiety/depression to look into it.”

“It changes lives. You have to have an open mind. The most helpful thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

“It is amazing. I am really benefiting from it.”

Services Provided

  • Clinically effective mental health therapy, delivered virtually (smartphone, tablet, computer)
  • Online resources, exercises, programs, and tools
  • 24/7/365 crisis line

Contact Information

Mark Kempton
Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships – AbilitiCBT
Phone: (604) 831-9978
Email: mark.kempton@lifeworks.com

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