MHA 100 Year Anniversary Celebration

100 Years of Leading Healthcare

Since 1919, the MHA has served as the leading voice in healthcare. In 2019, we celebrate those 100 years of leadership, advocacy, education, communication, and quality and safety improvement with our members, partners and communities. Over the last century of work, the MHA has been driven by a core mission of improving health and improving care. It means a tireless focus on access to services for all Michiganders; it means banding together across the state to reduce patient and staff harm; it means fighting to protect healthcare funding at every level of government; it means educating providers, leaders and trustees to help them better serve their communities; and more.

MHA 100 Years

A Brief History of the MHA

Over its first 100 years, the MHA has been a leader in efforts to improve the health and wellness of the communities in our state, from care for disabled children to expanding Medicaid to more than 670,000 people. View a brief timeline of key MHA accomplishments.

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The Next 100 Years

The work of the MHA, in our first 100 years, has resulted in a lot of good for Michigan – but our work is not done. Please join us in celebrating our history and in the fight for better health for individuals and communities in the next 100 years.