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MHA CEO Brian Peters joined healthcare leaders from around the state on Jan. 8 for a panel discussion on West Michigan Health Care Economic Forecast. During the conversation, Peters focused on health trends regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and providing equitable care.
Member News | January 15
Nearly 100 hospitals and health systems have signed the MHA Pledge to Address Racism and Health Inequities since it was released in November 2020.
Brittany Bogan, FACHE, CPPS, senior vice president of safety and quality, MHA, and executive director of the MHA Keystone Center, discusses the MHA Keystone Center’s 2021 focus areas in addition to announcing her departure from the MHA.
Health inequity and the clinical practices that exponentially improve care for the elderly are areas hospital and health system board members need to proactively address. To help governing boards examine these issues, the MHA is offering a pair of webinars.
Member News | January 07
At a time when American citizens believe the nation’s priorities must be saving lives, keeping people safe and eradicating systemic injustice and bias, the MHA Virtual Breakthrough features two trailblazers in the areas of COVID-19 and health equity.
Member News | January 07
Two webinars scheduled for Jan. 21 and Feb. 9 will focus on critical issues affecting hospitals and health systems today and in the future: health equity and understanding where patients are in their care journey. 
Member News | December 18
MHA Virtual Breakthrough will explore actions to build health within communities and make true differences in healthcare.
Member News | December 17
Weekly news and updates from the MHA.
Monday Report | December 14
The MHA Keystone Center hosted a one-hour Twitter chat Nov. 19 to discuss the role of organizations in addressing health disparities to achieve equitable care.
December 09
Governing board members for healthcare organizations need to learn and share to move from the pandemic response to recovery and rebuilding. The MHA Health Foundation is offering two webinars that provide opportunities to think strategically about two critical issues ...
Member News | December 08
The MHA released its Pledge to Address Racism and Health Inequities Nov. 19.
The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the longstanding systemic health and social inequities that have put many racial and ethnic minority groups at increased risk of getting sick and dying from the virus. ...
To continue the mission of supporting healthcare providers to achieve excellence in the outcomes desired by the people they serve, the MHA Keystone Center will host a Twitter chat on health equity from noon to 1 p.m. EST Nov. 19. 
Brittany Bogan, FACHE, CPPS, senior vice president of safety and quality, MHA, and executive director of the MHA Keystone Center, urges healthcare organizations to prioritize and act on addressing health disparities using a newly released guide.
Weekly news and updates from the MHA.
Monday Report | August 17
The United States Breastfeeding Committee officially designates August as National Breastfeeding Month to identify and implement policy and systems changes needed to ensure that every family who chooses to breastfeed has the support and resources they need.
Weekly news and updates from the MHA.
Monday Report | July 27
The MHA Keystone Center released a new guide, Eliminating Disparities to Advance Health Equity and Improve Quality, designed to provide practical guidance for healthcare organizations seeking to eliminate disparities in care to advance health equity.
During a July 9 news conference, the governor and her team commented on the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the state.
The MHA supports implicit bias training for all healthcare workers as we ensure equitable access and care is provided to all patients.
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