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The Michigan Health & Hospital Association participated in a panel on the impact of the Affordable Care Act in Michigan on Dec. 5. 
MHA In The News | December 08
MHA Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff Nancy McKeague is quoted in this article from KPLC 7 in Lake Charles, LA, about the Workflex in the 21st Century Act, a bill that allow employers to expand paid leave and workplace options to employees.
MHA In The News | November 06
The MHA was among the organizations opposing House Bill (HB) 5013 in a Nov. 2 Crain’s Detroit Business article about the defeat of the bill.
MHA In The News | November 03
The Detroit Free Press quoted MHA CEO Brian Peters in its Nov. 2 story on the defeat of House Bill (HB) 5013.
MHA In The News | November 03
A Nov. 1, 2017, article in Crain's Detroit Business looks at the lobbying effort surrounding House Bill 5013, which would drastically alter Michigan's auto no-fault law. In particular, the article examines lobbying efforts by some leaders within Michigan's business community. 
MHA In The News | November 01
In an article published Oct. 29 in Crain's Detroit Business, Chad Livengood examines territorial rate setting when it comes to auto insurance premiums in Michigan. Laura Appel, MHA senior vice president and chief innovation officer was interviewed for the piece.
MHA In The News | October 30
In an Oct. 22 article published in Crain's Detroit Business, reporters Mike Wilkinson and Chad Livengood examine insurance rates in Michigan and the huge disparities in rates between cities. An interactive map featured as part of the story details how insurers can charge more or less based on wh...
MHA In The News | October 24
In this Oct. 22 Crain's Detroit Business article, reporter Chad Livengood quotes MHA Senior Vice President of Advocacy Chris Mitchell about why the association opposes government-mandated fee schedules when it comes to legislative efforts to reform Michigan's auto no-fault system.
MHA In The News | October 24
An article published Oct. 12 in the Detroit News features commentary from Michigan's healthcare community about the potential impact of President Donald Trump's efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, via executive order.
MHA In The News | October 13
MHA Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Laura Appel spoke with Detroit Free Press reporter J.C. Reindl for a story that examines the provisions within House Bill 5013.
MHA In The News | October 12
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