Detroit News: Michigan takes aim at ‘crazy expensive’ auto insurance

Posted on September 05, 2017

Chris MitchellChris Mitchell, MHA’s senior vice president for advocacy, spoke to the Detroit News for an article about efforts to reform Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance system.

Michigan's auto no-fault insurance law ensures people injured in auto accidents are covered for the medical and rehabilitation they need. Without it, auto accident victims would not be able to afford the extensive care they require after traumatic injuries. Learn more about the law.

“If you’re involved in an accident, everything you would need for yourself or your family is covered. Nowhere else in the country is there a product that does that,” Mitchell said. “We’ve had people in other states involved in auto accidents who end up bankrupt trying to pay their medical bills, or they end up being put in a nursing home because they don’t have the adequate care they need at home.”

Rather than attack the benefits for car accident survivors who truly need them, Michigan hospitals are advocating for attacking overuse, inappropriate care and fraudulent claims within the auto no-fault system.

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  • Detroit News: Michigan takes aim at ‘crazy expensive’ auto insurance

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