MHA Keystone Center Person and Family Engagement Board Goal Achieved

Posted on July 06, 2017

Thanks to the dedication and commitment of its member hospitals, the MHA Keystone Center’s Person and Family Engagement (PFE) Board goal has been achieved. For the 2016-2017 program year, the MHA Board of Trustees recognized the importance of partnerships with patients and families and set a goal to have the MHA Keystone Center assist with the implementation of a patient and family advisory council (PFAC) and/or partner with patient/family advisors on existing quality and safety improvement teams within 80 percent of Michigan hospitals. To date, 114 hospitals (86 percent) have established a PFAC and/or partnered with patient/family advisors on existing improvement teams (PFE Road Map Measure 4).

Many inspiring stories have been shared with the MHA Keystone Center about projects and ways that patient/family advisors have played a vital role in improving care within facilities. These statements prove that engaging advisors in meaningful work at all levels of the organization has the power to create significant improvements in quality of care and patient safety. Making meaningful partnerships with patients and families is a critical component of creating a culture of person- and family-centered care (PFCC). It means working with patients and families, rather than doing things to or for them.

The work toward PFCC continues in Michigan, and the MHA Keystone Center encourages its members to integrate patients and families into every aspect of the organization — from planning and policymaking to facility design and experience improvements to fully partnering with patients and families at every point of care.

To learn more about the MHA Keystone Center’s initiatives to build a person- and family-centered healthcare system, contact Ewa Panetta at the MHA.

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