Combating the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Week of Sept. 14

Posted on September 18, 2020

The MHA continues to keep members apprised of developments affecting Michigan hospitals during the pandemic through email updates and the MHA Coronavirus webpage. Important updates are outlined below.

HHS Instructs States to Submit Plans for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Department of Defense, Sept. 16 announced its preliminary strategy for COVID-19 vaccine distribution and planning. The announcement included a CDC playbook for states to use to create their COVID-19 vaccine plans, which they must submit to the HHS no later than Oct. 16. The guide recommends states develop COVID-19 vaccine stakeholder committees to guide their work; these committees should include hospital representation — particularly from rural facilities — among other key stakeholders.

The MHA is reviewing the CDC guidance and will share additional details with members in the coming days. The association is also contacting the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) to ensure the MHA can provide hospital input as the department begins to create a plan for Michigan. Once the MHA has obtained some initial detail from the MDHHS, the association expects to request member input on operationalizing the vaccine distribution process.. Members with questions may contact Ruthanne Sudderth at the MHA.

Study Released on COVID-19 and Antibiotics Use During Hospitalizations

The University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation recently published a study about overuse of antibiotics in hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Michigan. The study was published in Clinical Infectious Diseases and included a sample of 1,705 patients from 38 Michigan hospitals.

The study found that more than half of COVID-19 patients treated in Michigan hospitals in the spring received antibiotics soon after admission, in case they had bacterial infections in addition to suspected COVID-19 infection. However, the study showed that 96% of those who received antibiotics were found not to have a bacterial infection.

The study also notes the importance of rapid-turnaround testing for both COVID-19 and bacterial infections in these patients to guide appropriate antibiotic use, reduce antibiotic-related side effects, and lower the incidence of drug-resistant “superbugs.”

MHA Supporting MDHHS “Spread Hope, Not COVID” Campaign

A new public education campaign launched Sept. 14 by Michigan public health officials urges all Michiganders to unite to contain the spread of COVID-19 so the state’s economy, schools and communities can safely reopen – and stay open. 

The “Spread Hope, Not COVID” campaign includes a coalition of about 50 of Michigan’s leading healthcare, business, education, community, manufacturing, tourism, senior citizen, labor, faith-based and public safety organizations — including the MHA — and is led by the MDHHS. The campaign calls on all Michiganders to join together to “Spread Hope, Not COVID” by taking actions that will significantly reduce the spread of the virus, including wearing masks, washing and sanitizing hands, practicing physical distancing and more.

The campaign will communicate with residents through broadcast, outdoor, social and digital media and the news media. The campaign’s messaging is based on a survey of 2,047 Michigan residents ages 18 and older conducted July 8-13. The “Spread Hope, Not COVID” campaign includes facts about mask-wearing and details about the other simple behaviors Michiganders must take together to control the virus. 

As part of the coalition, the MHA released a statement of support for the campaign. MHA-member organizations are encouraged to join the MDHHS and the coalition in helping to disseminate campaign materials throughout their communities. An initial set of communications tools is available for social media channels, websites, newsletters, internal and external emails, and more. Members with questions may contact Ruthanne Sudderth at the MHA.

COVID-19 Antigen Testing – Classification of Positive Results

During a recent MHA call with hospital laboratory directors, a question was raised regarding positive test results for an antigen test. The MHA has since confirmed with the state that, while a positive antigen test result is labeled as a “probable” case in the state’s overarching numbers, these cases are treated as confirmed for public health. As such, contract tracing for these cases will be conducted as they are for any other COVID-19 positive test result. Members with questions may contact Brittany Bogan at the MHA.

Hospitals Offered Alternative Source for Approved N95 Respirators

During a recent call that the MHA hosted with hospital supply chain managers, the group discussed Adaptive Energy, a local Michigan company that is offering an alternative supply chain source for approved N95 respirators.

Adaptive Energy is offering potential buyers a reliable, trusted domestic source of N95s at competitive prices, with no stock allocation limits. While Adaptive Energy is not seeking actual contracts at this time, it would like to hear directly from buyers if they would be interested in these domestic N95s. This will inform the company’s decisions for launching this business. To learn more or to offer a verbal intent to purchase, contact Adaptive Energy CEO Mike Edison. To obtain a copy of the specifications sheet for these supplies or for additional information, contact Rob Wood at the MHA.

Additional information on the COVID-19 pandemic is available to members on the MHA Community Site and the MHA COVID-19 webpage. Questions on COVID-19 and infectious disease response strategies may be directed to the MDHHS Community Health Emergency Coordination Center (CHECC). Members with MHA-specific questions should contact the following MHA staff members:


  • Combating the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Week of Sept. 14

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