Legislation to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes Moves to House Committee

Posted on June 19, 2020

The Michigan Senate voted June 17 to support Senate Bills (SBs) 781-786, a package of bills to amend the regulation of electronic cigarettes. The proposed legislation would establish a regulatory scheme for the sale of electronic cigarettes, provide for penalties for violations and create further rules for the advertising of electronic cigarettes. As a member of the Keep Michigan Kids Tobacco-Free Alliance, the MHA has been working alongside other healthcare and youth-focused organizations to further strengthen the package.

The only bill in the package that did not receive strong bipartisan support was SB 783, which includes language specifying that individual store clerks would be responsible for infractions related to youth sales and would allow for the sale of fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes. Democrats have opposed SB 783 in support of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s previous actions on flavored electronic cigarettes, but it currently remains tie-barred to the rest of the package. The governor publicly opposed SB 783 in committee and has indicated that she will veto the entire package if that tie-bar isn’t broken.

SBs 781-786 moved to the floor from the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee June 16, just one day before the full Senate vote. The package now awaits a hearing from the House Regulatory Reform Committee, and the MHA will continue to work with the Alliance to improve the legislation’s provisions to protect health. Members with questions should contact Sean Sorenson at the MHA with any questions or concerns.

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