MHA Monday Report June 15, 2020

Posted on June 15, 2020

Combating the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Week of June 8

The MHA continues to keep members apprised of developments during the COVID-19 pandemic through regular email updates and the MHA Coronavirus webpage. Important updates on how the pandemic is affecting Michigan hospitals are outlined ...

Telehealth Bills Move to Governor’s Desk​

The Michigan Senate voted unanimously June 4 to support a package of bills that would expand opportunities for providers to receive Medicaid payment for telehealth services. House Bills 5412 through 5416 were previously passed in the House of Representatives and ...

Joint Commission Offers June 18 Webinar to Prepare Hospitals for Resumed Surveys

The Joint Commission is planning to restart its on-site survey process, which will have minor changes as it employs physical distancing practices to ensure the safety of all parties. ...

Final Medicaid Policies Affect Outpatient, Neonatal Intensive Care Services

The Medical Services Administration recently released two final policies that impact hospital Medicaid payments. One relates to the rural access pool and the other updates payment to hospitals with approved neonatal intensive care units. ...

Webinars Explore Resilience and Transparency During COVID-19 Pandemic

The MHA webinar series Leadership and Resiliency: Navigating Through and Beyond COVID-19, explores several mission-critical leadership qualities leaders need to help traverse this difficult time. The series studies six topics over the next several weeks; each session will be held from ...

National Safety Month Focuses on Building Safety Culture

June is National Safety Month, recognized annually by the National Safety Council as a time to focus on saving lives and preventing injuries, both in the workplace and at home. One emphasis of this year’s National Safety Month is building a safety culture, which is a major focus for the MHA Keystone Center as it strives to help ...

Infection Prevention Boot Camp Series Enhances Quality and Safety

The MHA is hosting a six-session Infection Prevention Boot Camp webinar series to provide hospital staff with a thorough understanding of how to create and lead a comprehensive infection prevention and control plan across units and disciplines. Each Thursday from ...

The Keckley Report

Charity Care: Do For-profit Hospitals Do Their Fair Share?​

“A new study in Economic Inquiry compared changes in levels of charity care provided by for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals in the context of consolidation and competition. …

“Nonetheless, the study’s likely to prompt attention from policymakers about charity care in the context of hospital competition and consolidation.”

Paul Keckley, June 8, 2020


  • MHA Monday Report June 15, 2020

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