MiBiz: Legislation would enshrine key provisions of ACA in state law

Posted on February 18, 2020

MiBiz published an article Feb. 16 that reviews Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s call from her 2020 State of the State address to incorporate elements of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) into state law.

The proposal follows a federal court ruling in Texas v. U.S. that the ACA was unconstitutional. While the case moves through the appeal process, on Jan. 30 Michigan Democrats introduced a four-bill package in the state House that contains several provisions from the ACA, including a ban on the use of preexisting conditions to deny coverage.

Laura Appel, senior vice president and chief innovation officer, MHA, is quoted on the benefits of codifying preexisting condition protections into state law.

“We would not want to have a number of things happen to people,” said Appel. “You never know what’s going to change at the federal level.”

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  • MiBiz: Legislation would enshrine key provisions of ACA in state law

Tags: Affordable Care Act, Laura Appel, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Texas v. U.S.

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