Crain’s Detroit Business: Are there solutions to surprise medical billing?

Posted on October 21, 2019

On Oct. 20 Crain’s Detroit Business published an article that reviews the practice of surprise medical billing and details legislative proposals at the state and federal levels which seek to address the practice. MHA Chief Innovation Officer & Senior Vice President Laura Appel was interviewed for the article on the MHA’s position on the issue.

"We support protecting patients from out-of-pocket expenses beyond anything that they would pay if the provider were in-network," Appel said. "If the in-network coverage requires a deductible, a co-pay or coinsurance, the patient would pay that amount. Anything more (because of the out of network facility or provider) would be worked out between the facility/clinician and the third-party payer."

Appel stressed that the MHA opposes rate setting in legislation since it could place hardship on patients. "(We) believe it is appropriate at state level to do legislation, (but we support that) no one may balance bill a patient for out of network services beyond what they would pay out of pocket if services were delivered in network."

At the state level, testimony is currently being heard in the House Health Policy Committee on House Bills 4459 and 4460 that address surprise billing. The MHA has successfully pursued changes to the bill package that would maintain hospitals’ ability to negotiate insurer contracts while removing the patient from billing negotiations. Given those changes in the most recent substitute, the MHA is neutral on the bill package. For more information on these or other legislative issues, contact Adam Carlson at the MHA.

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  • Crain’s Detroit Business: Are there solutions to surprise medical billing?

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