Hospital Spotlight: Memorial Healthcare Works to Prevent Ventilator-associated Events

Posted on October 03, 2019

Hosted by the American Association for Respiratory Care, Respiratory Care Week is held each October to celebrate respiratory therapists. In honor of the observance, the MHA Keystone Center is highlighting the work that Owosso-based Memorial Healthcare did to prevent ventilator-associated events (VAEs). According to the American Journal of Critical Care, VAEs are all conditions that result in significant and sustained deterioration in oxygenation.

In December 2018, Memorial Healthcare set a goal to decrease the number of VAEs within its facility. Between December and April 2018, staff diligently researched and facilitated discussions on current and standard protocols to determine ways to drive improvement. As part of that effort, a Memorial Healthcare staff member attended a VAE Safety Session in October 2018 that was hosted by the MHA Keystone Center. The information obtained at the event was brought back to the hospital and discussed with the newly formed Memorial Healthcare VAE team.

The specific areas identified as opportunities for improvement included mobilization, documentation and compliance. Memorial Healthcare staff members worked collaboratively to develop and implement new processes to bridge gaps between departments and provide additional education/review for staff.

As a result, the VAE rate has dropped significantly. Memorial Healthcare recognizes there are still opportunities to improve consistency. However, past and current efforts have led to resolving ventilator-setting documentation issues, the Vent Bundle Order Set was implemented in August 2019 and two mechanically ventilated patients have been successfully ambulated to a recliner. Moving forward, zero harm will be the ultimate focus for ventilator-associated care in the organization, with preventing VAEs and developing and implementing protocols also being main priorities.

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  • Hospital Spotlight: Memorial Healthcare Works to Prevent Ventilator-associated Events

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