Brian Peters Shares Hospitals’ Part in Caring for Kids on WJR 760AM

Posted on July 25, 2019

MHA CEO Brian PetersMHA CEO Brian Peters was part of a conversation July 23 on the Caring for Kids radio program on WJR 760AM with Larry Burns, president and CEO of The Children’s Foundation. Peters shared how hospitals and the MHA have evolved during the association’s 100 years in existence and some of the areas hospitals are currently focused on.

With an eye on wellness and social determinants of health, the MHA’s goals align well with those of The Children’s Foundation as it works to improve children’s health and well-being. The MHA has formed a Council on Children’s Health that convenes with children’s hospitals and pediatric programs across the state to determine ways to advance children’s health. With two out of five children in Michigan covered by Medicaid, the association’s work in ensuring Medicaid programs are fully funded is extremely important in keeping kids healthy. In addition, the MHA Keystone Center has worked with hospitals to substantially reduce unnecessary early elective deliveries, reducing the possibility of complications for these moms and babies and helping kids get a good start in life.

To hear what Peters shared during the show, start listening at minute 11:23 of the podcast. Dr. Holli Seabury, executive director of the Delta Dental Foundation, talks with Burns in the early part of the podcast, and a segment with David Gamlin, executive vice president of the Midnight Golf Program, follows Peters’ discussion at minute 22:27 of the podcast.

Listen to the podcast


  • Brian Peters Shares Hospitals’ Part in Caring for Kids on WJR 760AM

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