Leadership Corner: Healthcare is a Team of Teams

Posted on March 07, 2019

The Leadership Corner features monthly updates from the MHA leadership team. The updates will provide new insights to patient safety and quality as well as information obtained from healthcare workshops and conferences across the country.

Gary Roth, DO, MBA, FACOS, FCCM, FACS, chief medical officer, MHA, discusses how healthcare employees can work together as a team to improve care and work toward Zero Preventable Harm.  

Gary RothMarch Madness will soon be upon us, and it will all be about which team we pledge our personal allegiance to. At the end of the madness, one team will prevail and be dubbed the best of the best.

Even healthcare seems to have become a competitive sport. Best Hospital – US News & World Report, Top 100 Hospitals, and Leapfrog Group are a just a few of the ways we measure and rank individual hospitals and healthcare teams.

The MHA Keystone Center has always strived to enhance the concept of the team. In fact, it has even encouraged friendly competitions within hospitals or between hospitals.

However, the focus at the end of the day has always been “Supporting healthcare providers to achieve excellence in the outcomes desired by the people they serve.” This mission statement truly demonstrates the importance of the team, removing the silos that occur within healthcare and forming a team of teams.

A relationship between the MHA Keystone Center and the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare started three years ago to create a high-reliability mindset and establish a goal of Zero Preventable Harm.

The mindset and great work toward Zero Preventable Harm continues throughout Michigan, despite the relationship concluding December 2018. We will continue to share, teach and learn from each other; it assures the advancement of healthcare.

One of the many successes has been the establishment and refinement of the daily safety huddles. This process is referred to by various names; however, it truly defines the concept of a team of teams. 

As this process has evolved, internal communication, collegiality and trust has advanced. All disciplines within a hospital have created a daily forum to have face-to-face, interactive conversations and focus on caregiver needs and the safety of the patient. Leadership commitment to this process has truly been the reason for its success in enhancing collaboration, communication and care and assuring a safe environment.

This statewide journey has seen many successes, barriers surmounted and recurring instances of attaining Zero Preventable Harm. This is only the beginning as the quest toward high reliability continues. We must not focus on being the best team, but helping others rise by sharing our successes and experiences and learning together.

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  • Leadership Corner: Healthcare is a Team of Teams

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