Crain's Detroit Business: No-fault Auto Insurance Reform Could Be Resurrected in the Michigan House This Week

Posted on December 17, 2018

A Dec. 17, 2018, article in Crain's Detroit Business takes a look at a last-minute legislative effort to resurrect the debate over Michigan's auto no-fault law in the final days of the lame-duck session.  

As stated in the article, "[d]raft legislation being circulated among GOP lawmakers calls for a grand bargain of sorts on the controversial issue, melding together optional levels of medical care advocated by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, lower payments to medical providers and prohibiting insurers from using certain non-driving factors like gender, marital status, education level, occupation and FICO credit scores to set auto insurance rates."

However, Chris Mitchell, the MHA's senior vice president of advocacy, took issue with the notion that a compromise among the stakeholders involved in the no-fault debate were part of the latest plan. 

"The only problem with the grand bargain is they didn't really talk to the insurers or the providers," Mitchell said. "They just put together the grand bargain and started shopping it as that."

Laura Appel, senior vice president and chief innovation officer at the MHA, was also interviewed in the piece and talked about concerns with a number of specific provisions in the proposal, particularly when it comes to questionnable rate reductions and their availability to certain groups of people and not others.

"People who are lawyers are going to be entitled to a potential discount based on their occupation that others aren't," she said.

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  • Crain's Detroit Business: No-fault Auto Insurance Reform Could Be Resurrected in the Michigan House This Week

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