MHA Keystone Center PSO Members Discuss Obstetrical Events at Safe Table

Posted on June 14, 2018

Patient Safety OrganizationPregnancy and childbirth is a special time in a family’s life. The World Health Organization estimates that 140 million women worldwide give birth annually. Unfortunately, some of these women experience adverse events that can lead to severe injury or death, including severe bleeding, infections and high blood pressure.

The MHA Keystone Center Patient Safety Organization (PSO) is working to eliminate obstetrical adverse events that can occur due to communication issues and a lack of standardization. As part of this effort, the PSO hosted a safe table June 12 in Grand Rapids that focused on this issue.  

Safe tables are available exclusively to MHA Keystone Center PSO members and provide a legally protected forum for open, transparent dialogue about safety and quality issues.

Nearly three dozen MHA Keystone Center PSO members attended the event, which allowed attendees to discuss underlying culture issues that hinder patient safety efforts regarding obstetrical harm, such as having clear and prompt communication during emergency situations. There was also discussion around root cause analysis and different processes used by different organizations.

Members with questions should contact the MHA Keystone Center PSO.


  • MHA Keystone Center PSO Members Discuss Obstetrical Events at Safe Table

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