Testimony Taken on Medicaid Work Requirement Bill

Posted on May 03, 2018

Michigan capitol buildingThe Michigan House Appropriations Committee began work on Senate Bill (SB) 897 during a regularly scheduled meeting May 2, where committee members heard testimony on the bill. As the MHA previously reported, the legislation would institute work requirements for Medicaid recipients in Michigan, including individuals enrolled in the Healthy Michigan Plan.

In written testimony provided to committee members, the MHA continued to voice its opposition to the legislation. Since 2010, Michigan hospitals have made significant contributions — both financially and through the investment of time, effort and resources — in helping connect Michigan residents with healthcare coverage appropriate for their specific financial and social situations. However, according to the compliance guidelines outlined in SB 897 regarding work, training or education requirements, individuals could still lose medical coverage for an entire year for simply failing to meet a reporting requirement. The MHA contends that a penalty this harsh will not help anyone obtain better employment or commercial health insurance.

While the House Appropriations Committee has yet to report the bill out of committee, the MHA continues to anticipate that the measure will be taken up for a vote by the full House of Representatives before the Legislature breaks for its summer recess in June. The MHA will continue to keep members apprised as the Medicaid work requirement bill moves through the legislative process. Members with questions about SB 897 should contact Chris Mitchell at the MHA.


  • Testimony Taken on Medicaid Work Requirement Bill

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