Hospital Spotlight: Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Addresses Opioid Epidemic with Triad Approach

Posted on May 03, 2018

Hospital SpotlightThe opioid epidemic is rampant in the United States — it kills tens of thousands of people per year and the death toll is expected to continue to climb. Over the years, providers, federal regulators and healthcare organizations have attempted to tackle the opioid crisis with various prevention, treatment, pain management and support solution options.

Manistique-based Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital (SMH) set out to address this complex, multidimensional issue through an integrated approach. It formed a Substance Abuse and Treatment Services Program to improve health outcomes of patients of all ages by increasing access to high-quality, integrated mental health and substance use disorder medical services.

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital formed a Substance Abuse and Treatment Services Program to address the opioid epidemic through an integrated approach.SMH believe that childhood trauma can adversely affect life trajectory and consequently lead to mental health and substance use issues. Therefore, the program is both patient-centered and trauma-informed. It aims to tackle opioids with a unique triad approach, including childhood trauma, mental health issues and substance abuse. Staff education and community collaboration are integral parts of the program.

SMH staff members who are involved in the Substance Abuse and Treatment Services Program include Janet Pratt, PMHNP-BC; Kim Shiner, LPN, SMH rural health clinic director; Sara Giles, marketing director; Bob Crumb, CEO; Mark Hébert, RN, BSN, chief quality and patient safety officer; and Jenna Bradshaw, patient navigator. 

SMH hired a family psychiatric nurse practitioner (NP) in 2017 to assist with the mental health needs of the community. It also recently recruited a pediatrician to be available one day per month to provide specialty services to children. The hospital plans to integrate substance use disorder services into its care system and to hire a trauma-informed mental health therapist to help patients address issues.

SMH also hired a patient navigator who will serve as an internal and external liaison to coordinate care, services and community resources. This will help patients, young and old, navigate complex systems to assure their mental health, substance use disorder, and/or medical care needs are addressed.

Many community organizations collaborate regularly with SMH to improve healthcare. The Substance Abuse and Treatment Services Program was launched with support from the Michigan Center for Rural Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Michigan and Superior Health Foundation. Other community partners include  the Department of Health and Human Services – Trauma Initiative, Schoolcraft County Mental Health Court and Substance Abuse Court, Manistique Area Schools, Great Start Initiative, and the Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s office. SMH has also been instrumental in helping Great Lakes Recovery Centers fill a position for a substance use disorder counselor, after it was vacant for many years.

Addressing the cycle of trauma and abuse during childhood can have a positive impact on future generations. Recovery is lifelong and requires support. For senior populations that are living with the effects of untreated mental health disorders, unaddressed trauma and substance use behaviors, the SMH goal is to support and provide needed services to help seniors attain optimal health and well-being.  Furthermore, SMH is confident that great strides toward mental and physical health can be realized for children and adults when a collaborative approach is applied.

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  • Hospital Spotlight: Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Addresses Opioid Epidemic with Triad Approach

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