Leadership Corner: Investing in Michigan Physicians

Posted on May 03, 2018

The Leadership Corner features monthly updates from the MHA leadership team. The updates will provide new insights to patient safety and quality as well as information obtained from healthcare workshops and conferences across the country.

Gary Roth, DO, MBA, FACOS, FCCM, FACS, chief medical officer, Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA), discusses how the Physicians in Healthcare Leadership Council and the MHA partner with and invest in Michigan physicians.

Gary RothCurrent estimates suggest more than 50 percent of Michigan physicians are employed by a hospital or healthcare system. The MHA recognizes the importance of partnering with Michigan physicians and has taken many proactive steps to further invest in them:

  • In 2015, the chief medical officer position was created at the MHA.
  • The well-being of healthcare providers is a major priority of the MHA. The ramifications of the healthcare environment leading to burnout among healthcare providers is actively being addressed.
  • The Physicians in Healthcare Leadership (PHL) Council was established in November 2017. The council is chaired by Paul LaCasse, DO, MPH, and includes 12 physicians with diverse backgrounds of specialties and hospital affiliations.

Overview of the PHL Council:

"The Physicians in Healthcare Leadership Council focuses on the unique issues related to physicians, including physician integration and interaction within hospitals, healthcare systems, and physician practices. This council will promote and advance the role of physician leadership and facilitate their education; provide insight, advice and recommendations to the MHA and the MHA governing boards; and serve as a catalyst for the delivery of healthcare.”

The council focuses on the following priorities:

  • Provide counsel and assistance to the MHA and the MHA governing boards on healthcare advocacy-related issues.
  • Provide counsel and assistance to the MHA and the MHA governing boards on healthcare policy matters as they pertain to physician practice.
  • Expand the understanding of provider well-being, including burnout. 
  • Provide perspectives and recommendations to facilitate the “Quadruple Aim.”

The council meets on a regular basis to assist the MHA in carrying out its mission and vision.

Involvement of physicians in the delivery of healthcare is imperative. As government, payers, pharmacy and device industries, and even, to a degree, healthcare systems are influencing the delivery of care to patients, partnering with physicians is crucial. The MHA is committed to involving physicians in its work — creating the PHL Council, focusing on well-being and burnout, and having an in-house physician are all steps that demonstrate the MHA’s investment in physicians.

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  • Leadership Corner: Investing in Michigan Physicians

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