MHA Keystone Center Spring Workshop Offers Unique Member Experience

Posted on April 20, 2018

On-site guide for Spring WorkshopGreat Lakes Partnership for Patients Hospital Improvement Innovation Network members from 34 hospitals across Michigan attended the MHA Keystone Center Spring Workshop: Preventing Harm Across the Board April 17 at The Henry, Dearborn. Attendees included registered nurses and safety and quality officers, directors and coordinators.

The event featured two breakout sessions, which gave participants an opportunity to engage with peers on a variety of topics and share lessons learned. Members benefited from this format as it allowed them to learn best practices from their peers in four specific areas – pressure ulcers, adverse drug events, patient falls, and venous thromboembolism – and how to implement processes in their own facilities to reduce harm.

Attendees participate in breakout session about pressure injuries.The event featured a diverse group of nationally-recognized healthcare experts who discussed how to reduce pressure ulcers and patient falls, prevent venous thromboembolism, while utilizing high reliability principles. Opioids were also a topic of discussion, with an introduction of an Opioid Knowledge Self-Assessment. The assessment is a tool offered by the MHA Keystone Center that helps address selection, dosing and patient monitoring when using opioids.

Overall, members were introduced to new tools, learned new information on identifying specific areas of harm and discussed how to apply high reliability concepts in their roles to ensure patients remain safe while visiting a hospital.

Members with questions may contact the MHA Keystone Center.


  •  MHA Keystone Center Spring Workshop Offers Unique Member Experience

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