MiBiz Covers Launch of VerifyMICare Hospital Transparency Website

Posted on February 20, 2018

Sam WatsonIn a Feb. 18, 2018, article in MiBiz, reporter Mark Sanchez spoke to Sam Watson, senior vice president for patient safety and quality at the MHA and executive director of the MHA Keystone Center, about the newly launched VerifyMICare website.

The site, developed by the Michigan Health & Hospital Association, adds to an array of existing websites that offer consumers access to quality data. However, the MHA site focuses only on Michigan hospitals and offers real-time statistics that are no more than six months old, compared to many competing sites that use year-old or two-year-old data. 

Providing data that consumers can use has taken on heightened importance as more people are now enrolled in high-deductible health plans and pay more out of pocket for their care, said Tina Freese Decker, the COO at the 12-hospital Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids. Freese Decker chaired an MHA committee that developed VerifyMiCare.org, which initially provides data on hospital quality measures. It includes details about infections, C-section rates, readmission and mortality rates, retained surgical items, early elective deliveries, and inpatient length of stay for certain procedures such as knee and hip replacement surgeries.

“Consumers need this information to make an informed decision, and it’s imperative that we provide this information,” Freese Decker said. “We want to engage consumers and patients in their health care and improve their health, and part of that is engaging them in understanding how they make informed decisions and helping them make those informed decisions, whether it’s based on the quality, or the experience they’re looking for, or the cost.”

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  • MiBiz Covers Launch of VerifyMICare Hospital Transparency Website

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