MHA Monday Report Dec. 4, 2017

Posted on December 04, 2017

Joyce Young testifies on nurse staffing ratio legislation.Bills Mandating Nurse Staffing Ratios Receive Committee Hearing

On Nov. 29, members of the Michigan House Health Policy Committee heard testimony on House Bills 4629-4631, legislation that would mandate nurse staffing ratios in Michigan. The bills, part of a package of bills collectively known as the Safe Patient Care Act, were introduced in May 2017 ... Read more

Legislation to Honor Patient End-of-life Wishes Signed into Law

The MHA-supported legislation regarding the Michigan Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (MI-POST) was recently signed into law as Public Act 154 of 2017. A POST form is a physician’s order that allows patients to provide information explaining their wishes for end-of-life healthcare based on their own experiences, values and goals ... Read more

Proposed Policy Would Increase Medicaid Hospital Short Stay Rate

On Nov. 27, the Medical Services Administration (MSA) released a concurrent proposed and final policy to increase the hospital short stay rate from $1,314 to $1,608, effective for dates of service on and after Jan. 1, 2018, while maintaining existing criteria to qualify for the rate ... Read more

Learn and Connect with Leaders at Breakthrough

Breakthrough logoEscalating demands, constant contact and the fear of mounting to-dos keep people wired to notifications, updates, taps, pokes and the ever-present glowing rectangles of this networked world. Breakthrough, the MHA’s new major membership meeting ... Read more

New MHA Turnover Survey Helps Employers Retain Staff

The MHA Unemployment Compensation Program is launching its new “Employee Turnover Survey,” an online tool that will allow healthcare employers to track their annualized employee turnover data and benchmark their data to various peer groups ... Read more

Webinar Series Discusses Health Equity, Disparities

Advancing Health EquityOver the past three months, the three-part webinar series Advancing Health Equity has helped members of the Great Lakes Partners for Patients (GLPP) Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) learn about the importance of three pertinent and pressing issues: health equity, health disparity and social determinants of health ... Read more

Medicaid Policy Would Update Primary Care Rate Eligibility

On Nov. 27, the Medical Services Administration (MSA) released a concurrent proposed and final policy to allow additional physicians to qualify for higher Medicaid payments for primary care services, effective for dates of service on and after Jan. 1, 2018 ... Read more

Patient Safety Organization Members Learn About Adverse Events

Jim Bagian kicks off RCA training.MHA Keystone Center Patient Safety Organization (PSO) members had the opportunity to convene in Bay Harbor for two recent learning opportunities — the MHA Keystone Center PSO Rural Health Safe Table and the MHA Keystone Center Root Cause Analysis and Action (RCA²) training ... Read more

The Keckley Report

Paul KeckleyThe Combat Zones in Healthcare Next Year
“Entering the home stretch on 2017, the stage is set for some classic duals next year: they’re about money and control and they’re playing out already across the industry. Here’s the five combat zones to watch …

“Complicating each of these disputes is a regulatory environment for healthcare that’s constantly changing, an austere fiscal environment in states that fund half of Medicaid and oversee provider licensing and private insurance, investors and lenders that are becoming cautious and the noise surrounding Campaign 2018 wherein contrasting views about the future of the healthcare system will be prominent. Regrettably, these combats will not answer the bigger questions facing our industry”

Paul Keckley, Nov. 27, 2017

News to Know

Upcoming events and important healthcare news:

  • The American Hospital Association (AHA) will host an AHA members-only webinar from 1 to 2 p.m. Tuesday to provide an update on the critical shortages of small-volume intravenous solutions.
  • The MHA Small or Rural Hospital Council will meet from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at the MHA Capitol Advocacy Center, Lansing.
  • The MHA Health Foundation webinar Retaining Millennials in Today’s Workplace will take place from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Thursday.
  • The MHA Council on Children’s Health will meet from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Friday at the MHA Capitol Advocacy Center, Lansing.
  • Nominations are being accepted through Jan. 25 for the 2018 first quarter MHA Keystone Center Speak-up! Award.

Read more


  • MHA Monday Report Dec. 4, 2017

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