Safe Tables Invaluable Tool for Healthcare Professionals

Posted on November 09, 2017

Safe tables provide a legally protected environment for MHA Keystone Center Patient Safety Organization (PSO) members to discuss sensitive topics with regard to patient safety. PSO Safe Table on Rural Health will occur from noon to 3 p.m. Nov. 28 at the Inn at Bay Harbor. The safe table will be beneficial for healthcare organizations located in rural areas, which often experience different cultural, economic and social issues than their urban counterparts. These issues can contribute to health disparities and resource shortages in the facilities. 

Safe tables allow participants to:

  • Discuss prevailing barriers and methods to eliminate adverse events
  • Share new tools to standardize processes
  • Learn about current resources to assist with educating patients, families and staff on various areas of harm, as well as implementing corrective actions
  • Review unidentifiable Root Cause Analysis findings from the Keystone PSO database

Featured in Monday Report. Click to view the full edition. Over the years, the MHA Keystone Center PSO has hosted safe tables on a variety of topics, such as behavioral health, adverse drug events, pediatric safety and obstetrics. For more information on safe tables or any MHA Keystone Center PSO educational offerings, contact Adam Novak at the MHA. 

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