Linking Quality to Strategy and Operations

Thursday, November 1, 2018 @ 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

There has been a proliferation of efforts to measure how various hospitals and doctors perform and no one has found the task easy. What processes should be measured? What kinds of changes improve performance? Research has proven that measurement and transparency is key to improvement, but many board members lack the knowledge and skills to work with executive and clinical leaders to create change.

Linking Quality to Strategy and Operations will help board members understand the quality of care being delivered and how to establish clear and dependable monitoring systems to discover hidden problems and uncover subtleties that result in higher performance. This comprehensive workshop will:

  • Outline who measures what and why.
  • Review information on value-based purchasing, transparency and pay-for-performance.
  • Explore how to measure progress using dashboards.
  • Examine measures and identify the most appropriate for your hospital or health system.
  • Demonstrate the difference between reactive and predictive thinking and how to shift to predictive.
  • Review best practices to assess and monitor quality and increase reliability.

Quality dashboards/scorecards will be reviewed in-depth and attendees will be asked to meet with the hospital’s quality director to review data and bring their quality dashboard/scorecard to the workshop. Processes and outcomes will be explored to achieve strategic priorities.Alumni of the MHA Excellence in Governance Fellowship consider this content extremely insightful, stating they found “immense value in going deeper into the “weeds” of quality” and that they “gained a new perspective on our quality and safety measures and feel empowered to take action.”