Outcome Engenuity Just Culture Certification Course

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018 - Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018

Just Culture is a critical component of patient safety. It provides an atmosphere of trust between peers, and encourages a culture of accountability, speaking up and voicing concerns about essential safety-related information.  

Outcome Engenuity’s (OE) Just Culture Certification Course will explore core concepts that will become the foundation for your organization’s Just Culture.

The MHA Keystone Center Patient Safety Organization (PSO) is pleased to announce an OE Just Culture Certification Course will be held Nov. 6 and 7 at the MHA headquarters, Okemos.

Upon completion of the course, members will return to their organizations armed to make an immediate impact to improve reductions, reduce adverse events, and foster a culture of curiosity, shared learning and accountability.

In addition, all participants will receive a one-year subscription to the Just Culture Assessment Tool and the Just Culture Academy. Both offerings will provide supplemental support and learning opportunities.

Due to an overwhelming response, the MHA Keystone Center is no longer accepting registrations for the Just Culture Certification Course. Contact keystone@mha.org to be added to the wait list, and we will contact you if a spot becomes available.

For more information, contact the MHA Keystone Center PSO