Health PAC Contributions Form

Legal Disclaimer

The MHA Health PAC supports political candidates for the Michigan Legislature and statewide officials who are willing to protect or develop public policies that preserve vital healthcare services. Your contribution supports lawmakers who not only understand these issues, but are willing to make a difference. Your Health PAC contribution also reaches federal candidates whose decisions affect Michigan hospitals. A portion of qualified Health PAC contributions are transferred to the American Hospital Association Political Action Committee (AHAPAC) to support Michigan’s congressional delegation.

Employees who have policy making, managerial, professional, supervisory, or administrative nonclerical responsibilities are encouraged to contribute to the Health PAC campaign. All contributions are voluntary and have no impact on job status, performance review or compensations. Political contributions are not tax deductible.

Health PAC Contributions Form

Suggested Contribution Levels

  • CEO and Trustees:
  • Small Facility: $1,000
  • Large Facility: $2,000


  • Directors:
  • Small Facility: $350
  • Large Facility: $500
  • Vice Presidents/Physicians:
  • Small Facility: $750
  • Large Facility: $1,000


  • Managers:
  • Small Facility: $150
  • Large Facility: $350

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