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Whether you’re working to reduce the impacts of layoffs or working to retain employees by helping them grow, NextJob’s coaching packages are designed for impact and a positive return on investment.



Studies show job seekers start at an average D+ in basic job search skills and a third of workers exhaust unemployment benefits without finding a job. NextJob’s evidence-based approach to outplacement shortens workers’ unemployment—saving you money and protecting your brand. Learn more.

Ashley, Clinical Data Specialist, Texas Hospital

“I knew this would be an experience that I would learn from, but I never expected it to change my life in the way that it has, for the better.”

– Jennifer, Laid-off Employee

Career Development

Employee stagnation and turnover can be costly. NextJob’s assessment-driven career development packages help your employees improve their performance, emotional intelligence and leadership skills. The result not only increases employee motivation and productivity, it helps you attract top talent and retain valued employees. Learn more

“My coach was SO awesome, I loved working with him. Through his guidance, I got a promotion! I also learned a ton about myself and felt proud of myself throughout the process.”

– Ben, Employee

NextJob works with small and large hospitals, Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit associations to lead the industry in providing customers with a proven strategy to do what’s right, in a way that helps pay for itself.

MHA Endorsed Business Partner

“As a reimbursing employer . . . [w]e have found that the total savings in unemployment expenditures significantly exceeded the cost of the reemployment services. At the same time we were able to give our transitioning employees access to a reemployment package that will help them move forward with the next step in their life.”

– Bob Carson, Manager of Risk Accounting,
University of Texas System/Health & Education

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