MHA Monday Report Sept. 27, 2021

Posted on September 27, 2021

Combating the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Week of Sept. 20

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan since the beginning of the pandemic surpassed 1 million Sept. 20 and has continued to rise, hitting 1,008,069 by Sept. 24. Hospitalizations due to confirmed COVID-19 cases ...

Legislature Passes State Budget That Protects Healthcare Funding

The Michigan Legislature approved Sept. 22 the fiscal year 2022 state budget. The governor has indicated support for the budget that goes into effect Oct. 1, and the agreement protects vital funding sources for patient care in Michigan hospitals and expands access ...

Further Hearings Held on Behavioral Health and Guardianship Bills

The Michigan Legislature took testimony on two bill packages that would impact Michigan hospitals during the week of Sept. 20. In the Senate, another hearing was held on Senate Bills 597 and 598, which would require the Michigan Department of ...

MHA Comments on Outpatient, Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rules

The MHA submitted comments on two proposed rules for Medicare payment systems in calendar year 2022 that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently released. The MHA’s comments on the combined rule for the hospital outpatient and ...

Webinar to Explore CMS Surgery, Anesthesia Service Requirements

The complex, fast-paced care delivered in surgical units can result in higher-than-expected errors. Wrong-patient mistakes, communication errors with anesthesiologists, and inadequate care may all occur while a patient awakens from anesthesia ...

MHA Creates Vaccine Communications Toolkit for Providers

In an effort to demonstrate the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines and combat misinformation, the MHA has developed a downloadable toolkit for providers to perform direct patient outreach and public education around the importance of ...

Advancing Health Equity Through Advocacy, Policy Discussed in Webinar

The MHA Keystone Center and the Michigan Public Health Institute are hosting a webinar series to provide an in-depth look at efforts to address healthcare disparities in Michigan and highlight areas of opportunity. The next webinar, Paving the Road to Health ...

New MiCare Champion Podcast Explores Health Equity

The MHA released a new episode of the MiCare Champion Cast, which features interviews with healthcare policy experts in Michigan on key issues that impact healthcare and the health of communities. ...

MHA Ranked as One of the Best Places to Work in 2021

The Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) has been ranked No.43 among healthcare suppliers in Modern Healthcare’s 2021 Best Places to Work award program. The complete list of this year’s winner rankings is available at ... Shares Resources for Developing Compensation Strategies

As part of an educational series from the MHA Endorsed Business Partners, shared the following three resources for hospital leaders to consider in developing compensation strategies. ...

Headline Roundup: Week of Sept. 20 for COVID-19 in Michigan

The MHA has been actively fielding and responding to media requests related to the growth in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, as well as statewide healthcare workforce shortage. ...

The Keckley Report

Reality Check: Five Flaws in the U.S. Pandemic Response

“It’s time for a reality check. Where are we as the world’s most advanced and expensive health system in waging our war against Covid-19? In my view, there are noticeable flaws in our strategy.”

Paul Keckley, Sept. 20, 2021


  • MHA Monday Report Sept. 27, 2021

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