Nurse Leader Recognition Nomination Form

Testimony Information

Please provide your testimony below that describes why you believe your nominee is qualified to be recognized as the MONE Nurse Leader of the Year. Please include examples of behaviors or accomplishments that demonstrate proficiency in the following categories:

Text 1:
Describe your nominee's behaviors according to the following qualities:

  • Personal Competence (how one manages themself)
  • Social Competence (how one handles relationships with others)
  • Promotes & Demonstrates a Culture of Safety

Text 2:
Describe how your nominee exemplifies Professional Nursing Standards according to the following competencies:

  • Advancing the Profession
  • Community Service
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Practice
  • Innovation
  • Mentoring/Teaching

Other things to consider in your narrative:

  • Career Path - Current Responsibilities
  • Achievement Orientation
  • Life & Work Balance - Personal Philosophy
  • Relevant Civic, Charitable, Board or Leadership Roles
  • Awards, Honors, Fellowships received
  • Resourcefulness
* Required