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MHA Keystone PSO Annual Meeting

The MHA Keystone Center Patient Safety Organization (PSO) works with members to adopt a strong cultural stance on patient safety by emphasizing the importance of improvement at the organizational and unit levels. At the MHA Keystone PSO Annual Meeting, attendees focus on the delivery of results on broad safety goals and in specific areas, such as effective root cause analysis and culture improvement.

The MHA Keystone PSO Annual Meeting will help you:

  • Develop strategies to guide your organization toward a high reliability culture
  • Implement change by reviewing trends from adverse event data and statewide culture survey results 
  • Learn about the NextPlane data portal and how its new features can help you identify risk and drive improvement
  • Discover how human factors engineering can help ensure safety, effectiveness and ease of use in work environments
  • Build capacity to solve problems
  • Connect and collaborate with peers who understand the opportunities and challenges of leading improvement in clinical settings

Information on the 2018 MHA Keystone PSO Annual Meeting will be available in January.

Who Should Attend?

All PSO member organizations are strongly encouraged to attend the 2017 MHA Keystone PSO Annual Meeting. The meeting will build a foundation for the Root Cause Analysis & Action (RCA2) training that will be offered later this year.

MHA PSO Membership

Membership in the MHA Keystone Center PSO is required to attend the 2017 PSO Annual Meeting.

As an MHA PSO member, your organization receives valuable benefits, including:

  • Access to event reporting software
  • Protected collaboration and shared learning through safe tables
  • MHA Keystone Center data analytics services
  • Expert root-cause analysis (RCA) review and feedback
  • Patient safety toolkits
  • Culture survey administration
  • Participation in the MHA Keystone Center Speak-up! Award process
  • Educational and training resources
  • Access to state and national patient safety experts
  • Affiliation and collaboration with other state and national PSOs for national benchmarking
  • Access to MHA Keystone Center activities and resources

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For more information, click the contact button below.

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WebEx Available

The morning portion of the MHA Keystone PSO Annual Meeting will be available by webinar for those wishing to participate, but unable to attend in person.

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